Getting The Chevy Nova

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Getting The Chevy Nova

On the 23rd of January, I’ll become the proud owner of a 1973 Chevy Nova with a genuine millage of just over 52,000 miles. At the moment, the only real specifications I know is that she has a 350 cubic inch small block V8, I’m suspecting with a 2bbl carb. She’s basically stock, other than the paint and alloys. She also has air/gas shocks at the rear so the ride height can be raised or lowered, but I can’t find anything to say if that’s stock or aftermarket.

Anyway, time for some photos. These were taken by the current owner for the the advert in early December. In the pics she’s covered in dust, but with a bit of a wash and polish, she’ll be gleaming.

…and a photo taken some time in the 80’s…

It does need some work doing:

  • Job 1. Install the new exhaust
  • Job 2. Clean and bleed the brakes
  • Job 3. Make sure everything’s ready for MOT
  • Job 4. Replace fluids and filters so that everything’s fresh
  • Job 5. Install central locking and new alarm
  • Job 6. Try to straighten out the back bumper
  • Job 7. Install an up to date sound system

Then comes the ongoing modifications and improvement jobs, because I own a car, not just a thing that gets me from A to B.

I can’t wait


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