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Car Tattoos

22 July 2011

Right, I've been terrible at keeping this thing up to date. However, there haven't been many bodywork or "viewable" changes done to the car in the time since the last post. The nova has had some subtle additions though.

The first thing I did was add a little pin striping to the back of the car (end of Jan 2011) and then in a moment of Metallica fuelled inspiration I added the "Quench my thirst with gasoline" slogan around the fuel cap (end of April 2011).

However the final touch was added around the end of July 2011, which are the hood stripes. These are based on the Yenko (YSC) stripes that were on the Yenko Camaro. I am not Don Yenko, hence the LSC on the front.

I'm up-to-date for now, but I'm planning on a nice big shiney change to the outside of the car, hopefully soon.

Grill Badge

17 June 2010

OK, so I know I said that I didn't paint my grill to look like an SS, which at the time was true, but when this popped up on US eBay I couldn't resist.

It's not in the best condition as someone during it's life decided to paint it matt black, but it is off a '73 Nova so the period is correct. ...and seeing as for '73 model cars, the SS was just a trim specification rather than a power package I'm not really cheating anything by putting the badge on.

Here's the badge now, after I'd done a bit of work on it, waiting to go on the car.

Easter Work

05 April 2010

I've been pretty busy this easter. I have taken a couple of days off and have been working on the car every day (weather permitting) since Wednesday.

Quite a bit of progress has been made, a lot of the front underside has been waxoyled or painted, just need to finish off the subframe and inner wings. Both front and rear drums have been fully stripped, cleaned, and re-built with new cylinders and shoes. Most of the exhaust system is finished, the passenger side downpipe isn't seating as well as it should, so that needs a little adjustment, then its just a case of removing the standard box and fitting a Cherry Bomb and the system can be tightened up and that's done. The rear suspension has been sorted, it wasn't raising and lowering like it should, but we found that one of the air pipes was blocked at one end and had a pin-hole at the other, so a little widening and a trim and it functions perfectly. All the lights work, as does the horn and the washers/wipers so those MOT boxes have all been ticked.

Next Jobs (immediate):

Other Jobs:

Here's my new air filter, it's 2nd hand off eBay, but in really good condition and the filter element looks brand new, I'm very pleased. All in all, I'm hoping that she'll be on the road by the end of the month


08 February 2010

The wheels on the Nova were pretty good, no real damage or anything like that, they were just a bit dirty and aged. So all I have to do is clean them and polish them.

The first 2 wheels washed. Next stage polish.

The wheel with the Goodyear tyre has had an initial polish, but I think it can get much better. So next week I'll take my drill powered polishing mop into work and give it another go. Well, there was a bit of a delay finding the polishing mop, but it's now in the drill and I've attacked 2 wheels with the Autosol. They've come up pretty good, still room for improvement, but pretty good overall. 2 down, 2 to go.

Front Grill

02 February 2010

I have started work on the front grill, the plan is to paint it black like the SS models, not to make my car look like an SS, but because I think it looks better. The first stage was to remove the grill from the car, this was real easy, about 12 or so screws in total and it just comes out. After a clean and a few hours of scouring the surface to prep for paint, she's ready for paint.

Stage 2 is get the grill sprayed black. Overall I think it looks good, maybe not as smooth as I'd have liked, but I'm still happy.

Stage 3 is sprayed the indicator surrounds silver/chrome. I think it looks good, but there's too much overspray for my liking and removing the masking pointed out some areas on the black that probably weren't prepared as well as they should have been. I will re-do the grill, but I'm going to put it on the car as it is just to get an idea of the overall look. I may end up going all black or back to silver.

Here's a picture of the grill in the car, must say I'm liking how it looks.