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Gettin' Horny

5 May 2011

It didn't take long to realise that the Cherry Bomb was not living up to its name and didn't really sound like an exhaust that should be fitted to a muscle car. To be honest, it sounded like a regular car, not the yankee beast that it should. So I knew I needed something different and what I ended up with is perfection. The car now has a set of Purple Hornies bolted to the headers, a 70's muscle car exhaust for a 70's muscle car!

Now I get a grin every time I put my foot down and lift my foot off the throttle.


23 January 2011

I have to admit, I've been pretty crap at keeping this thing up to date, however I'm writing this now as I have finally removed the stock carb and replaced it with another stock carb, though this one has a couple more barrels. It seems quite fitting that the work was finished a year to the day after picking up the car. I stripped and rebuilt the Qjet, and while I was at it, sprayed it purple. The carb was fitted with new purple vacuum lines and a stainless steel braided fuel hose which is a good enough quality to use on F2 race cars, all sat on an Edelbrock manifold. I will post some pictures up soon.

28 January 2011

Just a quick update as I've done a fill since adding the carb and it seems to be doing what I'd hoped. Since fittin the Qjet I'm now getting around 18mpg compared to 13mpg from the 2bbl. 5 extra mpg, that'll do nicely. I may even be able to get 20 if I stay away from the secondaries.

21 February 2012

After lengthly testing it seems like the average fuel consumpsion is about the same (13.4 mpg), however I think this is down to a combination of things:

  1. Most of my journeys are 80% city and 20% rush hour motorway, maybe more city driving than that.
  2. Given the additional temptations, my right foot may occasionally be a bit heavier, therfore opening up the secondaries more often than needed.

I still think this carb is better on fuel than the old carb, I just don't drive in conditions that best show it. On a run up to hindhead and back, I used significantly less fuel than I was expecting to use, so cruising at 55/60 on the primaries is probably getting me the 20 mpg that I was hoping for.

Rear bumper

8 May 2010

Bloody weather, another day mostly wasted due to rain. Why can't it rain during the week and be nice at the weekend, mother nature just has no consideration.

Still, we got the rear bumper off and managed to straighten it out quite a bit, I can get to the fuel filler pretty easilly now. I've got no pics as the car is too close to the wall, but when I can get behind it I'll take some pics for a before/after image. It's not perfect, but it's a vast improvement, especially when it was done with some blocks of wood, a car jack, a long pole, and a leather mallet. Best of all the chrome is fine.

I couldn't get the lights back in due to getting too soaked, however I gave the worst tyre a quick check with a depth gauge and the worst point was 2mm of tread depth, so it's all legal.

It's put the car back a week, but if the weather holds out next weekend, she should be finished then and MOT the following week.

Progress - exhaust/paint

1 May 2010

Dispite the weather, I actually managed to get quite a bit done today. Started out under the car painting the wishbones, then the heavens decided to open so I was forced indoors. Fed up with not doing anything to the Nova I went out and sat in the car to plan on where to install my front speakers. In the end i decided to build door pods in an attempt to keep it looking more stock, I was considering under-dash mounting but they'd have to hang down a bit which would get in the way and the sound wouldn't be as good. I also managed to get a bit of the head linging tidied up as it was hanging down.

The rain stopped, so as under the car was drying out I got the headlight out so that the H4 units could be installed. The retaining rims are a bit delicate, so they were strengthened and the backplates cleaned up and sprayed. While the headlights are out I can finish painting the panel that runs across the front behind them.

When underneath the car dried out, the exhaust system came off, exhaust paste was added and it was re-installed, tightened up and does not leak at all, so the exhust is done. 1 more day of work and the car will be ready for MOT!

The end of the exhaust, who'd have thought a Halfords trim would look so good *he he*

A shot of the underside where you can see the silver fuel tank, chrome cherry bomb, and exhaust system.

The front of the car just as we finished packing up.


14 April 2010

While the fan was off the car I decided to give it a touch-up. The fan it's self is in good condition for being 38 years old, it was really just a bit dirty. So i gave it a good de-grease and a rub down and am now in the process of spraying it up. The end goal is to have a chrome/silver fan with purple Chevrolet logos around the edge. Here are the photos of my progess.

Above. the fan after the silver paint.
Below. an impression of what I want the fan to look like.

16 April 2010

Now fully painted

17 April 2010

The fan back on the car. There's a cool effect where you can see the Chevy logo when you look in from the drivers side.


14 April 2010

The stock 2bbl BayCity carb that came with the car isn't really for me, for 1 I can get better economy out of a different carb, and if I need the extra grunt it will deliver more.

I got myself a nice Rochester Quadrajet from eBay, so that will replace the BayCity. The advantage of the Qjet is that 90% of the time you're running on the 2 primary barrels which are smaller and therfore more economical that the stock 2bbl carb. When you hit the pedal and want the power, the mechanical controlled secondaries open to use the carb to its full potential. Each secondary has two to three times the volume of both primaries combined.

To fit this I need to get a new inlet manifold as the stock is only for the 2bbl carb. I have a nice air filter to fit the Qjet, so there's not a lot to do.

Here's my Qjet

Update pics

10 April 2010

This is how she is as I was leaving, up in the air after having the brakes bled, ready for waxoyling the underside and for the final part of the exhaust installation and tightning up.

A quick pic under the rear passenger side. The fuel tank is back in and the axle is looking pretty good in silver with the brake pipe reinstalled after a good cleaning. The black underseal stops above the axle, where the boot pan finishes, so needs to be continues from there to the front. The propshaft will soon be turning silver to match the diff and axle. I have also removed the fan from the front of the car to gain access to paint the top of the subframe, and while it's off i may give it a good clean up or a coat of paint it's self.

Not a bad day's work, amazing what you can get done when the weather's decent.


8 April 2010

All 4 corners have had the brakes removed and completely overhaulled. Cleaned and painted with new cylinders and shoes.