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This is the section of my site dedecated to my Chevy Nova. I intend to grow and change this section with the car. I'll start off with the car and the specification that I've recieved her in, and then not any modifications as I go. So this will serve as the history of the car during my ownership, detailing the work and changes, as well as being an up-to-date spec sheet. I'll be including model & part numbers where I can, but it's probably best if I leave off serial numbers and the like.

In the beginning

The car is a 1973 model Chevrolet Nova with the 350 (H, 2bbl) engine. I picked up her and officially took ownership on the 23rd of January 2010, having done 52,000 miles since she was manufactured, the week beginning November 6th, 1972. At this point she is pretty much stock, the only changes being:

She was also missing an exhaust due to the one that was fitted had succumbed to tin worm and to be honest it looked like a bodge job. She came with a full, new stock exhaust system to be fitted. The only other major job that needs doing is to service the brakes. The front pads need replacing, and the rear cylinders had seized, but they are now free and working fine. Other than that, it's just a general tidy up to make her look great and make her last even longer, and as I write this there is a new can of oil on its way, and a new filter sat waiting. Not a great deal of work needed to get her through MOT, but it may as well be done properly.

Current Specifications

VIN: 1X69H3L
1: Chevrolet - X: Nova - 69: 4 Door Sedan - H: 350 2BBL V8 - 3: 1973 Model Year - L: Made in Van Nuys, California
Manufactured: the week beginning November 6th, 1972.

Engine & Transmission

Other Info