The Drive to the MOT Station

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The Drive to the MOT Station

I drove her to the testing station today, and what a drive! Especially considering the last MOT was in 1995 and the last tax disc I found was from 1993. That was probably the furthest she’s driven in 17 years and everything worked perfectly. Nice smooth gear changes, the kick down worked fine. As it was the first run, most of the drive was nice smooth. Progressive acceleration where you didn’t even notice the gear changes, they were so smooth. But there was one roundabout which is pretty notorious for being a bastard. So I gave her a bit more juice, got a nice chirp, and quick pull away. But everything was working perfectly.

Breaking with no hands on the wheel was straight. The test is tomorrow at 1 pm, but I can’t honestly see any reason why she’d fail. I can see 3 advisories with 3 of the tyres; 2 of them a from dodgy tracking which I’ll get checked. Most of the tyre is fine. Certainly more than 75% of the tread width all the way round is well above legal. The other was run over inflated so will need replacing, but the current depth is no lower than 2 mm. Other than that I can’t see any faults.

That was my first real drive in a lefty too. I must say it’s weird at the moment having the inside mirror on the other right. I can’t wait for my new set of mirrors to turn up from the states; I’m not liking having no mirror on the passenger side. Still, they should be with me in 7-10 days. My fingers and toes are all crossed, and I’m sure they will be til my Dad calls, I guess around 2 ish.


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