Making the Grille Awesome!

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Making the Grille Awesome!

I have started work on the front grill. The plan is to paint it black like the SS models. Not to make my car look like an SS, but because I think it looks better. The first stage was to remove the grill from the car. This was real easy, about 12 or so screws in total and it just comes out. After a clean and a few hours of scouring the surface to prep for paint, she’s ready for paint. Stage 2 is get the grill sprayed black. Overall I think it looks good, maybe not as smooth as I’d have liked, but I’m still happy.

Stage 3 is sprayed the indicator surrounds silver/chrome. I think it looks good. But there’s too much over spray for my liking. Removing the masking pointed out some areas on the black that probably weren’t prepared as well as they should have been. I will re-do the grill. But I’m going to put it on the car as it is, just to get an idea of the overall look. I may end up going all black or back to silver.


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