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I have to admit, I’ve been pretty crap at keeping this thing up to date, however I’m writing this now as I have finally removed the stock carb and replaced it with another stock carb, though this one has a couple more barrels. It seems quite fitting that the work was finished a year to the day after picking up the car. I stripped and rebuilt the Qjet, and while I was at it, sprayed it purple. The carb was fitted with new purple vacuum lines and a stainless steel braided fuel hose which is a good enough quality to use on F2 race cars, all sat on an Edelbrock manifold. I will post some pictures up soon.

After doing a fill since adding the carb and it seems to be doing what I’d hoped. Since fitting the Qjet I’m now getting around 18 mpg compared to 13 mpg from the 2bbl. 5 extra mpg, that’ll do nicely. I may even be able to get 20 if I stay away from the secondaries.


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