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I actually got to drive the Nova briefly on Saturday. Just a quick shakedown round the block, due to low fuel and none of the essential road going endorsements 😉 But now I’ve really got the itch to get her on the road properly. When she’s running on choke you need a fair amount of brake to hold her still; and she got up to 30 with only the slightest touch on the gas. And what a sound! I’m gonna stop babbling, but needless to say I’m getting excited.

If all goes well and my old car goes though MOT this week; I’m hopeful the Nova will be able to be MOT’d next Saturday. If not It’ll be another week, unless I can a day off work to get it done. At least, hopefully, all the main work is done, I don’t see any reason why she’d fail anyway. All the lights work (and we’re sure are adjusted fine). The wipers and washers work The horn works There’s no play in anything. Tyres are all legal There are no CV joints to split. All the grease nipples have been greased. It’s only a sniff emissions test due to the age; which my nose says it’s a pass. From my two minutes on the road, she seems to drive nicely too. Regardless, next Saturday she’s going to get a bloody good wash, polish, and wax. I probably won’t have time to do the chrome properly, but we’ll see.

I Must remember a can of gas too, to get her to a gas station. Come on car!!!


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