Rear Bumper

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Rear Bumper

Bloody weather, another day mostly wasted due to rain. Why can’t it rain during the week and be nice at the weekend, mother nature just has no consideration.

Still, we got the rear bumper off and managed to straighten it out quite a bit. I can get to the fuel filler pretty easily now. I’ve got no pics as the car is too close to the wall. But when I can get behind it I’ll take some pics for a before/after image. It’s not perfect, but it’s a vast improvement; especially when it was done with some blocks of wood, a car jack, a long pole, and a leather mallet. Best of all the chrome is fine.

I couldn’t get the lights back in due to getting too soaked. However I gave the worst tyre a quick check with a depth gauge. The worst point was 2mm of tread depth, so it’s all legal.

It’s put the car back a week. But if the weather holds out next weekend, she should be finished then and MOT the following week.


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