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This is how she is as I was leaving, up in the air after having the brakes bled, ready for waxoyling the underside and for the final part of the exhaust installation and tightening up.

A quick pic under the rear passenger side. The fuel tank is back in and the axle is looking pretty good in silver with the brake pipe reinstalled after a good cleaning. The black underseal stops above the axle, where the boot pan finishes, so needs to be continues from there to the front. The prop shaft will soon be turning silver to match the diff and axle. I have also removed the fan from the front of the car to gain access to paint the top of the sub frame, and while it’s off i may give it a good clean up or a coat of paint it’s self.

Not a bad day’s work, amazing what you can get done when the weather’s decent. All 4 corners have had the brakes removed and completely overhauled. Cleaned and painted with new cylinders and shoes.


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