Work Over Easter

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Work Over Easter

I’ve been pretty busy this Easter. I have taken a couple of days off and have been working on the car every day (weather permitting) since Wednesday.

Quite a bit of progress has been made, a lot of the front underside has been waxoyled or painted, just need to finish off the sub frame and inner wings. Both front and rear drums have been fully stripped, cleaned, and re-built with new cylinders and shoes. Most of the exhaust system is finished, the passenger side down pipe isn’t seating as well as it should, so that needs a little adjustment, then its just a case of removing the standard box and fitting a Cherry Bomb and the system can be tightened up and that’s done.

The rear suspension has been sorted, it wasn’t raising and lowering like it should, but we found that one of the air pipes was blocked at one end and had a pin-hole at the other, so a little widening and a trim and it functions perfectly. All the lights work, as does the horn and the washers/wipers so those MOT boxes have all been ticked.

Next Jobs (immediate)

  • Replace the standard sealed headlights with H4 xenon units. Already have the headlights as they’re the same as used in Minis, just waiting on the bulbs to be delivered.
  • Waxoyl front inner wheel arches, fuel tank, and underside of body.
  • Paint rear subframe, leaf springs, axle and remainder of front subframe.
  • Paint behind grill & engine bay.
  • Remove restrictive (way too)silencer and fit Cherry Bomb so the car can sing again.
  • Cut off excess exit pipe and fit exhaust trim to finish it off.
  • Fit central locking.
  • Fit alarm.
  • Run wires for sound system.
  • Give everything the MOT once over.

Other Jobs

  • Remove rocker covers, drill them out to take Edelbrock breathers, and paint to match new air filter.
  • Fit quadrajet & air filter – I need to get a new inlet manifold first.
  • Fit sound system.

Here’s my new air filter, it’s 2nd hand off eBay, but in really good condition and the filter element looks brand new, I’m very pleased. All in all, I’m hoping that she’ll be on the road by the end of the month.


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