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The stock 2bbl BayCity carb that came with the car isn’t really for me, for 1 I can get better economy out of a different carb, and if I need the extra grunt it will deliver more.

I got myself a nice Rochester Quadrajet from eBay, so that will replace the BayCity. The advantage of the Qjet is that 90% of the time you’re running on the 2 primary barrels which are smaller and therfore more economical that the stock 2bbl carb. When you hit the pedal and want the power, the mechanical controlled secondaries open to use the carb to its full potential. Each secondary has two to three times the volume of both primaries combined.

To fit this I need to get a new inlet manifold as the stock is only for the 2bbl carb. I have a nice air filter to fit the Qjet, so there’s not a lot to do.

Here’s my Qjet


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