Exhaust & Paintwork

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Exhaust & Paintwork

Dispite the weather, I actually managed to get quite a bit done today. Started out under the car painting the wishbones, then the heavens decided to open so I was forced indoors. Fed up with not doing anything to the Nova I went out and sat in the car to plan on where to install my front speakers. In the end i decided to build door pods in an attempt to keep it looking more stock, I was considering under-dash mounting but they’d have to hang down a bit which would get in the way and the sound wouldn’t be as good. I also managed to get a bit of the head linging tidied up as it was hanging down.

The rain stopped, so as under the car was drying out I got the headlight out so that the H4 units could be installed. The retaining rims are a bit delicate, so they were strengthened and the backplates cleaned up and sprayed. While the headlights are out I can finish painting the panel that runs across the front behind them.

When underneath the car dried out, the exhaust system came off, exhaust paste was added and it was re-installed, tightened up and does not leak at all, so the exhaust is done. 1 more day of work and the car will be ready for MOT!


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